Market Description

In recent years, NFT games and metaverses have shown exceptional potential for becoming the next big thing in the domain of entertainment and lucrative pastimes, drawing in millions of web2 defectors - players, collectors, traders, investors, designers, as well as everybody else striving for greater opportunities in owning digital stuff and attaining next-level online presence - worldwide. The OctoGamex experts have been running a continuous analysis of this rising industry to come up with a product addressing the needs and problems prevalent among its audiences.
Day after day, new fascinating virtual worlds come out to take advantage of blockchain-powered tokenomics, with more and more gaming guilds forming around promising titles for fans to join. This contributes big time to the NFT industry’s appeal, as it boosts unique tokens’ meaningful utility. By the same token (pun very much intended), this also benefits cryptocurrencies along with DeFi on the whole.
Speaking of the games themselves, Play2Earn ones blazed blockchain a trail into gaming. However, with the name translating into the software with a game-like GUI you “play” to generate income, the first P2E titles were far from fun. Regarded as better-paying employment by communities in the regions where it’s notoriously hard to find any decent job, their gameplay left much to be desired in the eyes of actual gamers. Still, with the mechanics strictly meant to maximize gains, P2E products should be judged appropriately. Later developments yielded us the Play&Earn, Play2Own, and Play&Own economy approaches similar in their aim to make blockchain games competitive in terms of immersive experience while retaining the profit part. Hence, the era of genuinely riveting games that can also bring you some cash is dawning. Yummy!
There are several downsides to the current GameFi and the Metaverse situation though. People still have few options to move their NFTs around, connect with others interested in the NFTs they own, trade to earn, and simply explore new exciting games and places - there are so many up-and-coming projects that don’t get sufficient exposure to intended users. Then, some games feature pretty high barriers to entry, but with no easily accessible NFT rentals, there’s no way for less well-off communities to start having fun there and get rewarded. NFT lending in the field is pretty rudimentary as well. Since such staple services are largely absent in the market, a single platform enabling the complete toolset for the ultimate NFT management experience is also unheard of. Not anymore.
🟢 OctoGamex is the fruit of our drive to build a comprehensive suite empowering you to access, manage, and earn with NFTs by any game or metaverse. Having assembled a multitool platform boasting groundbreaking mechanics, we promote the introduction of NFTs into even more gaming and metaverse titles. With entire game economies being designed around crypto tokens today, we’re eager to help usher in this brand-new era of fully owning your digital collectibles the way you do other conventional assets.