There are no seller listing fees.
The Listing Owner sets a fixed price from which the fees are deducted according to the following formula:
Price - (Flat Marketplace Fee + Collection Fee)
The Buyer should pay the exact amount set by the Listing Owner to seal the deal, as this mechanic doesn’t allow for bargaining.
The Listing Owner gets this amount less the fees (the fee amount is calculated on the listing).

💎 Example

  • Flat Marketplace Fee is 2.5%
  • Collection Fee is 2% – The Listing Owner-set fixed NFT price is 0.2 BNB (0.192 BNB after fees) – Buyer pays the 0.2 BNB price set by the Listing Owner – Once the transaction is completed, the Listing Owner gets 0.191 BNB, OctoGamex gets 0.009 BNB
Listing cancellation is fee-free.