Part of the OctoGamex NFT trading platform, the marketplace is highly versatile. With the marketplace functionality ranging from normal sales to multipart trade offers to fractional ownership, everybody from game & metaverse regulars to developers to full-time traders is all set up for the most fulfilling NFT management experience out there.
Team OctoGamex has successfully implemented all the staple mechanics, expanding and refining them, while also designing multiple unrivaled ones for the platform’s launch. This documentation features detailed descriptions of each of them.
Having gone through several testing rounds, OctoGamex is proven to be bug-free and exceptionally stable. Even though testing is now over, you can still contribute to the platform’s ever-improving quality by being its Brand Ambassador. Besides your expected ambassador assignments, there are test activities every here and there for additional rewards.
The marketplace supports NFTs of both ERC1155 and ERC721 standards. You can choose from the Sale (can include Trade functionality), Auction, and Trade Listings to sell your NFT in the way most favorable in your particular situation. The listing options are available in the Octogamex User Dashboard for any supported NFT. The Owner sets the preferences when listing their NFT. OctoGamex then uses the details provided to create and deploy the listing’s bespoke smart contract. The smart contract life equals the listing duration. It also ends once the listed item is bought. The listing contract records the sale event in the platform’s main contract.
OctoGamex guarantees the security of all assets deposited to its smart contracts for listing.
Buckle up, you’re about to get full details about the OctoGamex mechanics! 🚀