Trading Rewards

Trade on OctoGamex and Get Rewarded! ⚡️🚀

Trading Rewards are a fundamental part of the OGT tokenomics, as we aspire to be the #1 game and metaverse NFT trading ecosystem in the world.

💎 How Do Trading Rewards Work?

  • The OctoGamex traders can earn rewards in the form of the platform’s native OGT token for, well, simply trading.
  • Each participant - the Buyer, Seller, Offerer, Auctioneer, and Bidder - is rewarded according to their OctoGamex trading volume.
  • Trading Rewards are calculated and distributed to the OctoGamex traders every 24 hours. The team allocated a massive 17,5% of the total OGT supply for Trading Rewards. Trading Rewards will vest over 4 years, with 50% unlocked in one year (visit the OGT Vesting Schedule to learn more).
  • Trading Rewards will start being distributed as soon as OctoGamex reaches a minimum viable trading volume on each blockchain it supports.
  • Trading Rewards will be accumulated and distributed separately on different blockchains.

💎 How Are Trading Rewards Calculated?

Each transaction fee currency is converted to USDT to then be calculated for distribution on the backend. User Rewards are calculated by taking their and the platform’s day’s trading volume into account.
  • User Reward - a single user’s day’s Trading Reward.
  • Day’s Rewards - total Trading Rewards to be distributed to all the day’s active traders.

💎 How Are Trading Rewards Calculated?

  • All NFT collections listed on OctoGamex support Trading Rewards.
  • A special contract accumulates and calculates the Rewards 24/7.
  • Rewards are claimable anytime, except when the amount is 0.