👋 Welcome to OctoGamex

OctoGamex is a multichain NFT trading platform enabling the ultimate GameFi & Metaverse asset management experience.
The NFT market gained huge momentum in little time. In 2021, its viral growth spurred multiple networks to add NFT functionality. GameFi, a whole new segment fusing gaming with DeFi, emerged to hand the actual ownership of in-game assets over to gamers. In 2022, there’s an ever-growing variety of games and metaverses with economies fueled by NFTs benefiting their communities. And it was only natural an advanced ecosystem would be needed to set up an efficient infrastructure interconnecting the assets, titles, and people on different blockchains.

🌐 OctoGamex Ecosystem

With tons of extensive research done by Team OG to date, we’re convinced GameFi and the Metaverse are on the way to achieving mass adoption shortly. That’s why we decided to build a single access point to NFTs by the industry players. Employing novel techniques, OctoGamex enables a crucial web3 grid empowering gamers and frequenters of digital spaces around the globe to interact with unique crypto assets in a way that makes the most of them.
🎮 OctoGamex Ecosystem Comprises: - Multi-сhain NFT Marketplace - Cross-сhain NFT Bridge - Marketplace & Bridge Widgets - MM Analytics Platform 💎 Key Concept & Killer Features: - Platform Fee & Trading Rewards System - Titles Native Token Support - Collective NFT purchase - Trade-In Mechanic
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