Bridging NFT

  • Choose the NFT you’d like to bridge. Bridging an ERC1155 NFT, you also need to enter the amount.

  • In the next section, choose the destination blockchain.

  • Approve access to your NFT in the transaction window, if not approved already by another mechanic.

  • Confirm your NFT’s lock-up in the Bridge’s special contract.

  • Claim your NFT on the destination blockchain to receive a token in the new network

πŸ“ Important

  • Once your NFT is bridged from its blockchain of origin, it can’t be bridged one more time to clone it, as your original NFT is linked directly to its bridged self to make up a single entity. However, you can move it to yet another chain.

  • Also, you can only use your bridged NFT on the blockchain you moved it over to unless you get it back onto the original one.

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