Our roadmap is a general direction in which Team OctoGamex would like to make headway and is subject to alterations as we go along, listening to our community and acting on industry developments. We’re highly adjustable and multi-skilled in terms of mechanics development thanks to housing our very own full-time development and marketing squads, with the latter meticulously researching major factors that shape market trends.
Q2 2022
  • BNB Chain Integration
  • WalletConnect Integration
  • NFT Sale and Auction Functionality
  • NFT Trade Functionality
  • Multiple Currencies Support
  • Bug Bounty Program Launch
Q3 2022
  • NFT Bridge
  • Blog Launch.
  • Help Center and Customer Support Launch
  • Aurora Integration
  • Notification System
  • Fee Reward System
  • Marketplace Widget
  • Analytics Tools (NFT Collections)
Q4 2022
  • Trading Rewards System
  • Staking Smart Contract
  • Polygon Integration
  • Analytics Tools (Games Data)
Q1 2023
  • Collective NFT Purchase Mechanic
  • Mystery Box Campaign Builder
  • Ethereum Integration
  • Flexible Gamer Profile
Q2 2023
  • Avalanche Integration
  • Non-EVM blockchains Integration
  • NFT Lending Service
  • Analytics Platform Launch
Q3 2023
Q4 2023