Key Points

OctoGamex is a multichain NFT trading platform enabling the ultimate GameFi & Metaverse asset management experience.
An energetic and active community is one of the most crucial quality benchmarks for an up-and-coming project. Our goal is to bring different sorts of smaller blockchain gaming & metaverse communities together to build a powerful major one with countless opportunities and extensive freedom of action for every member.
With our utmost priorities being community and partnerships marketing-wise - they are cornerstones to the OctoGamex launch strategy - we can’t think of a better way to express our appreciation to both than to give back, so the team created a whole list of generous reward and incentive mechanics.

The key takeaways about them are:

📍 Partner Benefits:

  • Up to 50% in Royalties
  • Titles Native Token Support
  • Quick Listing
  • Multichain Platform
  • NFT Bridge

📍 User Rewards:

  • Platform Fee Distribution
  • Trading Rewards
  • OGT Staking Rewards
  • Bridging Rewards
  • Retroactive Airdrop
Based on our industry assessment, we have carefully curated the mechanics OctoGamex should feature for the ecosystem to succeed short and long-term. With a thorough understanding of the market we’re in - the conditions, competition, consumers, their needs, and other stakeholders - and a flexible in-house development team, we’re all geared up to deliver on the milestones we set as well as respond to fresh shifts and popular demand.