NFT Marketplace

🖼 The OctoGamex NFT marketplace is your one-stop dashboard to successfully manage all your game and metaverse NFTs, trade them for profit, discover fresh NFT collections by more teams and companies, as well as get the market analytics. A decentralized multichain ERC721 and 1155 protocol, the marketplace is swift and secure on any chain it’s deployed on, with smooth-running functionality ensuring a seamless user experience and positive outcomes.
Buy & sell NFTs at fixed prices, bid & auction, put your unique tokens up for trade & make offers yourself - enjoy the complete freedom in interacting with non-fungible tokens.
But of course, the OctoGamex squad didn’t stop at just that, putting together some unparalleled mechanics and augmenting others. • 🔂 Trade-in Mechanic Besides standard 1:1 trades and cryptocurrency offers, the marketplace allows several NFTs to be offered for the desired one. Moreover, you can even make combined NFTs + cryptocurrency offers. Better yet, you’re enabled to offer a crypto other than the title’s native token. Some superior flexibility, huh? • 🔃 NFT Bridge The platform went even further than highly adjustable offers. The OctoGamex NFT Bridge enables some unprecedented cross-chain opportunities just for you - transfer your unique crypto assets back and forth between as many blockchains as you want.
🕹 OctoGamex connecting gamers, games, and guilds around the world Ride the surging wave of NFT-enhanced gaming and metaverse products. Choose between hundreds of reward-paying ones and be the first to learn about newly launched goodies. Own NFTs from those like never before, turning your blockchain-stored stuff into liquid assets right on the marketplace. Game, collect, bridge, trade, earn - enjoy!
  • Platform Fee Rewards
  • Trading Rewards
  • OGT Staking Rewards
  • NFT Bridging Rewards
  • Retroactive Airdrop
OctoGamex is so much more than merely a trading platform - it’s a sprawling ecosystem, a substructure fueling the global GameFi and Metaverse economy. Having gained the power to wield your NFTs by the industry on a whole new level, you’re not going to want to walk away from it.