Staking Rewards

Stake OGT to earn additional OGT - welcome to OctoStaking!

  • Stake the one and only OGT token. Fueling the entire OctoGamex ecosystem, OGT is in high demand which makes it a strong inflation-proof addition to your investment portfolio.

  • Similar to compound interest, the OctoStaking mechanic features an autocompounder, i.e. your OGT rewards are added to the principal amount staked, enabling you to earn rewards on the principal as well as rewards on rewards, to ensure maximum yield for you.

  • Staking your OGT you are automatically entitled to Fee Rewards.

💎 How Are Staking Rewards Calculated?

  • The amount of your daily Rewards is directly proportional to the OGT amount you stake and the lock-up period picked. This way, the more and longer you stake, the more Staking Rewards you earn daily and overall.

  • Staking Rewards are calculated per the blockchain block.

🔎 Example

📍 Staking Rewards amount is calculated by the following formula:

You can claim your rewards once the lock-up period is over, paying a small yet necessary gas fee for the blockchain to transfer your funds to your wallet.

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