NFT Bridge

🌉 “Break walls, build bridges” is the OctoGamex motto, and its NFT Bridge is perhaps the best proof of that. Suddenly, NFTs are free to travel a split-second journey between blockchain networks. The Bridge opens the door to an all-new, cross-chain level in unique token management - the moment long dreamed of by many.
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How Does NFT Bridge Work? 🧐
Most of us, fascinated by the capabilities of blockchain-powered stuff, are familiar with fungible coin and token bridges basically paving roads for cryptos to travel back and forth between blockchains - those came in handy to aid the ever-growing problem of blockchain interoperability. An up-and-coming technology, they quickly shot up in popularity and came to enjoy widespread adoption on all public blockchains allowing for token creation.
With non-fungible tokens being tokens indeed, the freedom to transfer them across infrastructures has been thirsted for and requested for quite some time now. But despite the NFT hype arguably able to give their fungible siblings a run for their money, there still have been no NFT cross-chain solutions even remotely on the horizon. Fret no more, dear Octies and guests, as the Bridge introduces never-before-seen NFT opportunities and liquidity for NFT creators, collectors, and traders.
Ethereum’s notorious high gas prices (blockchain fees) and Ethereum-minted NFTs are one of the most telling examples: a unique token created on the Ethereum blockchain can be brought over to, for instance, the Polygon one to be listed for sale as a Polygon NFT on marketplaces there. With Polygone’s cheap gas, you are sure to trade your Ethereum-born NFT at minimal fees. Something that has never been possible before the OctoGamex NFT Bridge emerged.
Consider as well the BAS (BNB Application Sidechains - additional app-specific networks offering developers the opportunity to build large-scale high-throughput low-to-no-gas BNB Chain-based apps) example. They relieve the BNB Chain mainnet of app-associated traffic while staying linked up to it. By bridging your NFTs from BNB Chain to a BAS using the OctoGamex NFT Bridge, you enter the tiny gas fees and hence trading costs situation while also contributing to slashing BNB Chain’s transactional load.