⚙ Notification System

Get OctoGamex updates on Telegram and/or Discord.

🗝 Connection Setup

Go to the User Dashboard to adjust your OctoGamex Notification Preferences.

  • Choose the platform and you’ll be directed to the OctoGamex bot there.

  • Copy and paste a unique code generated for you on OctoGamex to finish pairing.

⚙️ Notification Settings

You can choose what notifications you would like to get.

📍 Sale Listing Notifications

  • When Your NFT Is Sold

  • When Favorited NFT Is Sold

  • When Your Sale Listing Starts

📍 Trade Listing Notifications

  • When Your Offer Is Accepted

  • When Your Offer Is Declined

  • When Offer on Your Trade/Sale Listing Is Canceled

  • When Trade/Sale Listing You Made Offer On Is Canceled

  • When Your Trade Listing Starts

  • When Favorited Trade Listing Starts

  • When Owner of Favorited Trade/Sale Listing Accepts Your Offer

📍 Auction Listing Notifications

  • When New Bid Is Placed On Your Lot

  • When You’re Outbid When Your Auction Listing Ends

  • When Auction Listing Ends and You’re Last Bidder

  • When Lot Is Claimed When Your Auction Listing Starts

  • When Favorited Auction Listing Starts

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