Core Team

Oleksandr Bodnar – CEO
OctoGamex CEO & ElephantsLab co-founder. Has a Master’s in Physics, 6 years’ experience in the blockchain industry, and over 10 in product management.
The crew is inspired by and draws on his ideas and vision. LinkedIn | Twitter
Dmytro Zarezenko – CTO
Has an MCS degree with university teaching experience.
Over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry and 5 in blockchain development. Won a Budapest International 24-hour Programming Contest, a NEAR Hackathon, and is currently the highest-ranked TopCoder community member. Authored multiple Web3 articles.
Yurii Baryshev – Cyber Security
As a cryptography specialist, patented and utility modeled over 30 inventions, authored and co-authored over 20 blockchain, cryptography, and cyber security articles, 4 monographs, and 7 educational books.
Has a PhD in Information Security, with a thesis on hash functions. Google Academy
Anatolii Bilokon – Co-Founder
Anastasiia Pidgurska – Development Team Lead
Ivan Voznoi – Product Marketing Manager
Oleksandr Rusavsky – Blockchain & Back-End Developer
Andriy Sokhryn – Front-End Developer
Elena Pogrebniak – Front-End Developer
Vladyslav Pelykh – Front-End Developer