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™️Brand Asset Usage


Octie’s tentacles require considerate treatment regarding the logos he’s depicted in. Please make sure you learn the OctoGamex brand asset guidelines.

The OctoGamex brand assets covered by the Guidelines incorporate but are not limited to:

  • The names “OctoGamex” (also stylized as “OCTOGAMEX”), “OGT”, and “OGT Token

  • The OctoGamex logotype and logomark

  • The OctoGamex logo (logotype and logomark combined)

  • The OGT icon


The Archive Contents:

  • OctoGamex logos

  • OctoGamex Fonts

  • OctoGamex Social Media Kit


Team OctoGamex is highly receptive and stoked to see what you got up your sleeve sharing content involving its logo and other brand assets.

We seek to embolden creators’ roguish side when conjuring up cool art, media announcements, news posts, and whatnot around the OctoGamex logomark. Go ahead Octies, do some OG stuff with it!

  • Putting derivative works up for sale, please ensure your piece falls within these guidelines and give OctoGamex attribution so that we maintain friendly terms.

  • @ us for a chance to get your artwork recognized by Team OctoGamex and show it to the world.

However, you should realize the OctoGamex Brand Assets - most importantly, the logo and name - are a significant part of its identity - they are copyrighted, and it’s our job to safeguard them from abuse, even unwitting.

Let us share with you a couple of rules to be observed.

Mays & May Nots

✅ You may:

  • ✅ Redo, recompose, and create fire derivative art based on or featuring the octopus logomark, spreading the word about and contributing to the OctoGamex Community. Remember to give attribution.

  • ✅ Trade such creations, with attribution.

🚫 You may not:

  • 🚫 Take the OctoGamex Brand Assets - the name and logo (logotype and logomark) - or rework them or any derivative art for use in any product or brand names and logos that can confuse and divert people from the OctoGamex services they’re out for in the first place. For instance: ◦ Refrain from launching an NFT marketplace or other NFT trading tools called something like “OctoGames”, “OctoPlayex”, or similar that would take unfair advantage of the OctoGamex online presence. ◦ Refrain from launching products that use the official name coupled with other words like “OctoGamex Helper” which may be misinterpreted to be produced by OctoGamex. OctoGamex itself may have such a thing in the works which will result in harm to both parties. (A name like that is still possible for a third-party product once there’s a partnership and an announcement is issued to the public.) ◦ Refrain from designing a brandmark featuring an octopus with two distinctly-shaped eyes looking similar to the OctoGamex one. It doesn’t matter if it’s colored differently.

  • 🚫 Use or rework any of the OctoGamex Brand Assets to mislead the public into believing / Falsely claim or suggest you and OctoGamex are in any kind of official partnership, collaboration, or binding relationship when we’re not.

  • 🚫 Falsely claim or suggest you were endorsed or somehow approved by OctoGamex when you’re not.

  • 🚫 Post using the name “OctoGamex” that would misguide people to think you’re in any way officially related to OctoGamex when you’re not. ◦ Starting a fan page, group, account, etc., please make particularly sure to your audience that it’s for/about but not by OctoGamex.

👍 Logo Guidelines

a. Logotype The type font is Saira, but don’t try to reproduce it - please only use the PNG and SVG files available in the official Brand Assets archive.

b. Logomark Octie the Octopus sits there, approving of you diamond-handing your next very special NFT. ◦ OctoGamex or OGT can be represented with it alone.

c. Logo Horizontal Lockup The logomark on the left and the logotype on the right link up into the OctoGamex Logo. Always place them in this order. - This one is the main logo layout.

Vertical Lockup The logomark is centered atop the logotype. - This one should be used if placed alongside similarly built logos.

Don’t attempt squeezing the Logo into cramped conditions - having a space of the width of at least the OctoGamex logomark (b) all around the Logo is a good way to go around this.

🎨 Color Palette

Acid green is the OctoGamex brand color. It’s not that we’re on acid, it’s cuz our vision is outstandingly vivid, and so should be the color of the most prominent OctoGamex asset. It is as bold and daring as Octie himself outlined there, surveying your freshly bridged NFT.

  • It’s important that you utilize the exact colors listed here without any deviations through guessing.

  • Choose your background wisely and never leave the OctoGamex Logo barely visible against it.

Logo Don’ts

Lots of pretty obvious ones here. Still, for the record:


  • Swap the logomark and logotype

  • Leave out the logomark where the logotype is used

  • Color the logotype differently

  • Put a space between the logotype’s “Octo” and “Gamex

  • Try to shorten the logotype

  • Change the logotype font, and formatting, or add effects

  • Use your product/brand name next to the logomark

Weigh-in Sesh Make sure you don’t understate the Logo, placing it alongside other ones. Keep them similar-sized.

Unique Narration Now, we went through several rules, which are by and large common sense, so it’s kind of no biggie. Keeping those in mind, we’re all for unleashing your real zany ideas. The logotype is certainly the easiest part to get creative with, but even Octie the Octopus wouldn’t mind participating in your remix riot.

Set it on fire!

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