Marketplace Widget

Builders keep building and sharing with the community what they’ve managed to create no matter the market conditions. That’s what makes this massive industry of blockchain-powered goodies so amazing and tight-knit.
What if Team OctoGamex told you we had a tool enabling your team to launch a full-blown multichain multifeatured NFT marketplace built into your product and designed to look like its native element in just a day’s time, saving you up to half a year of development and some $200,000 in spending?
Sounds like a bold statement, huh? Well, it’s available for you to take advantage of right this minute! 🔥

💎 Key Widget Snacks for You:

  • Up to 6 Months & $200K Saved
  • Little Coding Required
  • Tech Support & Audit
  • Native Token Support
  • MM Analytics Platform

💎 Amazingly Versatile NFT Marketplace Your Title Deserves

– Multichain Capabilities Supports BNB Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, and Aurora from the get-go, with further blockchains constantly in the works. Several new ones are expected to arrive very soon.
– Smooth & Reliable It literally takes 24 hours tops - some 150x quicker than undertaking a from-scratch development - to integrate the multipotent OctoGamex NFT Marketplace Widget with your game or metaverse. The safety is vouched for by the audit, but above all, by our expert in-house developer team.
– Peerless Mechanics From conventional fixed-price sales to scheduled auctions featuring live bidding to unique features such as multipart (NFT(s), crypto, NFT(s) + crypto) trade offers, the Widget will empower your users to get as flexible as any asset ownership experience should be.

💎 Packed Full of Extra Features

  • Native Token Support
  • Highly Customizable GUI
  • Complete Analytics Dashboard
  • Marketing Support are all included in the Widget package

💎 Extensive Flexibility

The Widget’s superior customizability gives you the power to create a marketplace that not only delivers the functionality your product needs but also looks like its natural part.
  • Rebrand as you like
  • Add your CSS for even more customization
  • Add as many NFT collections as you need
  • Add ERC20 tokens
  • Modify header & footer

🧩 3-Step Journey to Starting Your Title’s NFT Marketplace

Step 1 Provide the necessary details about your product by filling out the form to get the tailored Widget HTML code from us and start your integration.
Step 2 Customize the GUI, add NFT collections and ERC20 tokens, then insert the resulting instructions in your source code.
Step 3 Launch a multitool NFT marketplace for your community. Let the trading begin!
It’s Only 24 Hours Till You’re All Set
With the Widget being a highly customizable out-of-the-box solution, your marketplace will launch some 150x faster and $200,000 cheaper than you would be able to achieve otherwise and with a narrower feature set.

💎 Widget Benefits

🚀 Ready to Kickstart Your Title’s Next-Level NFT Marketplace?

Get your product on the waitlist to be among the very first to boost your economy and community with a uniquely equipped built-in NFT marketplace - the Widget launches very soon.